I am

Hannes Schulze

Creating minimalist designs, developing apps.

My Apps

Here is a list of apps I coded for elementary OS.


Find out what’s eating up your system resources and delete unnecessary files from your disk.

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Conecto (WIP)

Integrate your Android-phone with your PC - a GTK client for KDEConnect.

Coming soon GitHub

My Mockups

I design stuff. Here's some of my work.

Art Composer

An image editor designed for elementary OS - inspired by Pixelmator for macOS and GIMP.

Repo Explore

A native GitHub client for elementary OS.


An emulator designed for elementary OS.


A video editing app for elementary OS.


Here are the articles from my blog.

Using Granite Widgets in Gtkmm

Recently I started writing an app for elementary in Gtkmm since I am using a big framework that doesn’t have any vala bindings and I’m personally not comfortable using a non-object-oriented language like C for developing a GUI. But I had one problem: I wanted to use widgets from Granite.

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